Unlike normal slideshows, carousels show multiple images at any one time

To recreate this slideshow in MetaSlider:

1. Make sure the slideshow type is set to “Flex Slider”
2. Enable “Carousel mode” in the advanced settings for the slideshow
3. Set the size of the slideshow to the size you’d like each image to be, for example 250 x 250
4. Optional: To get the ‘slide back slightly, then slide forwards’ transition effect, set the ‘Easing’ option to ‘Ease out back’
5. Optional: For an image to open in a lightbox, install MetaSlider Lightbox and one of the supported lightbox plugins. In this case we used Easy FancyBox

Note: Carousels will be outputed at 100% wide, so they will fill the width of the container they are placed within. To constrain the width of a carousel, place it within it’s own container and specify a max width. See below for an example.

<div style=‘max-width: 600px;’>
    [metaslider id=123]
Carousels are compatible with all slide types: YouTube, Vimeo, Post Feed, Layer and Image slides. They’re ideal for showing a list of your latest posts or to use as a “Featured Product” slider for your homepage.