Coming soon in Meta Slider 2.6 (Free)

WordPress 3.8 redesign, SEO improvements, full width slideshows, “no conflict” mode, CSS enqueueing changes, Insert Slider button for posts.

[17th Dec 2013. Update: Meta Slider 2.6 has now been released to the public. You can upgrade or install it from your Plugins menu in WordPress.]

WordPress 3.8 Redesign


WordPress 3.8 comes with a brand new, modern admin design. We’ve been working to bring the Meta Slider interface inline with these updates, and have taken the chance to de-clutter and simplify the interface at the same time.

The main slideshow settings section has been stripped down to the basic slideshow settings (Width, Height, Effect, Theme and Navigation options), and the more advanced settings have been moved into their own collapsible box.

Full Width Slideshows

Meta Slider 2.6 Settings

In a previous blog post we mentioned the new ‘percentwidth’ shortcode parameter. This still works as it did in the past, but additionally it’s now possible to set a slideshow to ‘Stretch’ in the slideshow settings.

No Conflict Mode (Flex Slider)

Quite often, a conflicting theme or plugin will do a blanket initiation of FlexSlider for any HTML on the page with the class ‘flexslider’.

When enabled, “No conflict mode” (in Advanced Settings) will remove the “flexslider” class from Meta Slider slideshows. This change will stop those themes and plugins from being able to initialise Meta Slider slideshows by mistake. The ‘flexslider’ class is added back onto the slideshow using JavaScript as soon as Meta Slider initiates.

“Add Slider” button for Posts & Pages

A quick one – in version 2.6 you’ll find a handy new “Add Slider” button just above the WYSIWYG, making it easier than ever to embed your slideshows in Posts & Pages.

SEO Improvements

We’ve added a new “SEO” tab to image slides. It’s now easier than ever to add “title” and “alt” attributes to your slides. Unfortunately this has meant adding a smidge of complexity to the previous “it can’t get much simpler than this” interface for image slides, but we hope the extra functionality more than makes up for a slight change in appearance.


CSS Enqueuing changes

This will be a welcome change for some and  a pain to others. Unfortunately there is no solution which will please everyone (sorry!).

In 2.6, we’ve changed the CSS includes back to using the standard wp_enqueue_style() method. This will output your stylesheets right at the bottom of your page. The upshot of this is it is now possible to use minification or caching plugins to shift these style includes to the <head> of your page, to get HTML5 validity.

Wrapping Up

And finally, a full screenshot of the redesigned interface coming up in the next release of Meta Slider:

Meta Slider 2.6 Screenshot

If you have any comments or questions, or have idea’s on how we can make Meta Slider even easier to use (even if it’s just a change to how we word a setting!) then please let us know below!

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13 thoughts on “Coming soon in Meta Slider 2.6 (Free)

  1. Tony

    I bought pro license and I love your MetaSlider! It’s so simple to use and yet powerful. My only wish is to add effective date time and expiration date time per slide. It’s useful when you have contents available on limited time. I use this slider to show our promotion items and they’re normally available for limited time only. We have many promotions and sometimes forget to remove a slide.

    1. matchalabs

      Hi Tony, great you hear you’re loving Meta Slider!

      This has been requested a couple of times so we’ll look to get it into a future release, I think it’d be a neat feature. With the new tabbed interface it shouldn’t be too much work to add a ‘schedule’ tab in 🙂

      1. Stu Ducklow

        Thanks for your quick reply. Is there a way to set the opacity to 1? On my slider, the text is translucent.

        1. matchalabs

          Hi Stu, please get in touch with us through support and I’ll take a look.

          Free users:
          Pro customers:


      2. Zachariah Logan

        Hi, I would like to be able to show a slide saying “Come In” Were Open” and when we are closed show an a hours of operation slide,

        I would really like this feature, when do you think it would be released?

  2. Stu Ducklow

    Love the slideshow and how easy it is to operate. I’d like to know how to remove the background color on captions and how to make sure the opacity of the captions is 1, completely opaque. Any help?

    1. matchalabs

      Hi Stu,

      Glad you’re liking Meta Slider!

      There are a few options for this. The Theme Editor in Meta Slider Pro will let you set a completely transparent background color on captions (as well as reposition the caption, change the bullet colors etc).

      Alternatively, if you’re comfortable with editing HTML & CSS, you could make some changes to your themes style.css file. There’s a quick guide here:

      If you need further help please get in touch on the official support forums here: 🙂


  3. BHSLC

    I’d like to know how to remove some of the white space above the slider widget. If you go to, there is quite a bit of white space above the slider. I have tried decreasing the padding and margin on both the header and container but they end up overlapping – likely a fault with the theme designers. I was hoping there might be some built in padding on the slider itself that I might be able to reduce?

    1. Pascal Bourhis

      I’m not the owner of MetaSlide, but i have a look a your CSS.

      Your DIV: has padding: padding: 30px 0px 0px;
      The 30px is the reason why you have extra space at the top of MetaSlider…

      1. matchalabs

        Thanks Pascal!

        Quick reminder for anyone else requiring support:

        For free support, please use the forums here:

        Pro customers can of course get prioritised support using this form:


        1. Pascal Bourhis

          you are welcome 🙂

          1. BHSLC

            Thanks for helping with this Pascal. I reduced the padding to 0 which helped, and did not negatively impact other divs when their padding was adjusted (per the suggestions of Elegant Themes). I appreciate your help!

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