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A quick roundup of the changes coming in MetaSlider 2.5.

Corrupt Image Checking (Blank Screen Fix)

The Problem: When you upload an image WordPress should ‘open’ it on the server, gather certain information about the image and save it to the database (namely the image height and width). If WordPress fails to ‘open’ the image then the height/width data is never saved; but it still uploads the image and silently fails on gathering the metadata.

When you add one of these ‘corrupt’ images to a slideshow, MetaSlider will fail also and give you a blank screen.

The Fix: MetaSlider will now check each image for the correct metadata (width/height) in the database before attempting to ‘open’ the image, therefore avoiding the blank screen issue.


Image Ordering

The Problem: When you select multiple images to add to a slideshow, a separate AJAX request is sent off to the server for each image. There’s no way of knowing which AJAX requests will complete first, so slides added to your slideshow in a seemingly random order. The order will only be saved once you click the ‘Save’ button.

The fix: A single AJAX request containing an ordered list of each slide to add is made, and the slides are added in the same order they’ve been selected in the Media Library.

Image Resizing/Pre-fetch (Blank Screen Fix)

The Problem: MetaSlider resizes/crops images ‘on the fly’; If it can’t find a correctly sized slide image on the server, it will create a new one when the slideshow is first loaded. However, if you add lots of images to a slideshow in one go it’s possible your server could run out of memory whilst MetaSlider is trying to resize your slides in a single request.

The Fix: MetaSlider will ‘pre-fetch’ a correctly sized image each time a new slide is added, and every time the slideshow size is changed. The ‘pre-fetching’ is done behind the scenes using an individual AJAX request for each slide, reducing the load on your server. A small loading gif will be displayed in the top left of the thumbnail for each slide whilst this is happening.

Some other stuff coming your way in 2.5..

  • Nonce checking is now in place for adding and resizing slides
  • The bottom margin for Flex Slider has been removed when the navigation is hidden, bringing it in line with the other slideshow types
  • You’ll now get a warning if you try to add the same slide to a slideshow more than once
  • A secret ‘percentWidth’ parameter is now available on the shortcode, allowing you to create 100% wide slideshows ( ). We may look at exposing this option in the slideshow settings in a future version, we just need to work out how not to confuse it with the current ‘Size’ setting.

So, that’s it for this time. Most of the bigger changes won’t apply to the majority of our users, but for those experiencing the ‘blank screen of death’ it’ll hopefully solve some big (and annoying!) problems.

Want a sneak peek? You can download the development version of MetaSlider from this page: Let us know how it goes for you in the comments 🙂