Meta Slider Pro 2.3 Updates

The latest version of Meta Slider Pro brings an updated interface & some new features.

The latest release of Meta Slider (Free) introduced a new tabbed style interface for image slides. We’ve been working to carry across the tabbed interface style into Meta Slider Pro, with a view to improving the look and usability of the plugin.


Layer Slides

We’ve split the ‘Edit Source (advanced)’ link out into a new tab. Clicking the tab will reveal the text editor to enable you to edit the HMTL for the layer slide directly. We’ve also added an SEO tab which lets you specify the Alt and Title text for the background image, and a General tab which allows you to specify a link for the whole slide.


Post Feed Slides

The slide icon has been updated to the new “flat” WordPress 3.8 style. The different Post Feed options have been separated into relevant tabs, making it easier to understand the process of creating post feed slides.



Vimeo & YouTube Slides

YouTube and Vimeo slides have been extensively updated. We’ve added an “Auto Play” option to both, as well as exposing the usual YouTube and Vimeo embed options.


We hope you’ll like the new look and features. As usual if you have any questions, views, or ideas on how we can make Meta Slider even easier to use then we’d love to hear them in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “Meta Slider Pro 2.3 Updates

  1. socrates

    Hello! This is exactly what I’ve been searching for – thanks! Is there any chance you would include MonoSlideShow (. com) as an option? It’s an awesome slider with many effects. It’s easy to configure by using their demo site and downloading the XML file. I have used it in the past and recently upgraded (for HTML5), but now I’m having trouble integrating with WordPress. I am definitely purchasing your PRO version, as I want to include videos – great job! Thanks, again.

    1. matchalabs

      MonoSlideShow looks great, but it also looks like its a commercial plugin which means we can’t distribute it. We have no plans to add in any new slideshows sorry!

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