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I Have The Pro Add-on Pack. Why Isn’t This Feature Working?

If you are seeing a message in MetaSlider that a specific feature is not working, it’s most likely one of the following:

1. If we just made the release, it might take some time for the pro version updates to be available. Check back in a couple of hours.

2. You have the pro add-on pack installed, but it is not activated. To fix this you just need to go to the plugins page and activate the add-on pack.

3. You have a valid license but have not logged in. This will stop you from seeing an update when it’s available.

4. When you purchase the pro add-on pack it comes with a single-year license as well as a single year of premium support. The plugin should work beyond the expiration of your license, but updates will not be available. If you have an expired license, the plugin will continue to operate as it did when the license was active, but you will not see any updates. If you purchase another license you will see updates immediately. If you need to upgrade you can do so here.