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Hide Arrows if slides amount = 1


first of all, thank you so much for your great Plugin, which I love to use!

However, I have one suggestion: I think it would make sense to automatically hide the arrows, when the amount of slides equals one. I know you are able to hide them via the Checkbox in the settings, but sometimes I just forget it – and it’s not really user friendly to show an arrow when there is no action behind it.

As I can’t think of any situation where it makes sense to show an arrow if there is only one image, I suggest to automatically untick the option when there is only one slide, or even disabling it.

Thank you for your consideration!


  1. Kevin Batdorf


    Sorry for the late reply! Just curious, why would you have a slideshow with one slide?

  2. lem1298


    no problem, thanks for replying at all!

    I use this plugin in combination with the “Ultra” theme by Andrew Misplon to create the header images/slider headers. Most of the times, I feature multiple images as a “slider header”…but sometimes I have to take down some images and am left with one image or just want to use a single image in the first place.

    • Kevin Batdorf


      I’m not sure it’s worth adding to the code, but you could just add this to your functions.php

      add_filter('metaslider_flex_slider_parameters', function ($options, $id) {
      	$args = [
      		'post_type' => 'ml-slide',
      		'post_status' => ['inherit', 'publish'],
      		'posts_per_page' => -1,
      		'tax_query' => [
      				'taxonomy' => 'ml-slider',
      				'field' => 'slug',
      				'terms' => $id
      	if (count(get_posts($args)) == 1) {
      		$options['directionNav'] = 'false';
      	return $options;
      }, 10, 2);
  3. lem1298

    Hi Kevin,

    thank you very much for your help, I appreciate it a lot!


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