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Launch slider from thumbnail

I was able to easily create a beautiful slider, and insert the shortcode into my WordPress site.  Unfortunately, the shortcode displays the first image of the slider as a placeholder.  This is too large for my application.  I would like to launch the shortcode from a static thumbnail, which is not in the slider.  If I include the thumbnail as the first image, it will cycle through the list, and repeat when the slider starts over.
If I could adjust the delay time for each individual image, I could click on a thumbnail with a zero delay time, and move on to the second image on the list.
This probably sounds crazy, but I have been researching this for hours, and I can’t figure out how to do it.
Reggie Hall

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  1. Kevin Batdorf

    Hey Reggie,

    You should probably cover the slideshow with an image (use CSS to position an image on top of it). You will have to do something like this (I haven’t tested it):

    [metaslider id="1642"]

    Then, you need to set up your own jQuery event to delete the image when it’s clicked. Should be easy to Google that one.

    To start the slideshow after you click it, you can use this:


    If you get it almost working share a link and I can take a look

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