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Unsplash Integration

Search for and add images from an Unsplash.com tab that behaves just like your very own personal massive media library

This image is from an UnSplash photographer

Add videos from Youtube or Vimeo to your slideshow

When creating a new slideshow in MetaSlider, you have the option to search and add images from an Unsplash.com tab that behaves just like your very own personal massive media library. This incredibly handy feature means there is no need to leave your WordPress page to search for images, and then try to remember where they are saved when adding them to your slideshow.

With our new feature, the search and upload of images with Upsplash.com can now all be done from within the MetaSlider plugin.

Upsplash.com has over 2 million completely free to use high-resolution photos that have been contributed by a large community of photographers from all over the world. Thousands of additional photos are added every day, with the types of images available covering a huge amount of topics and themes. With so much choice there is a very good chance that Upsplash.com has the type of photos you are looking for.

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I’m obsessed with this slider.

I’m obsessed with this slider. It’s simple to use – I put it on most of my clients sites! They can add photos, slides, etc. with ease!



I’ve been using WP for 10 years building sites for clients. This is the first time I’ve had such excellent and FAST support with questions on a FREE plugin. I installed today and ran into both an error and a feature clarification and both posts were addressed within minutes. Extremely helpful. AND, now that those speed bumps are behind me I’m loving what this plugin can do. I’ll be recommending it to others for sure.


Perfect Slideshow Plugin

This plugin is super simple to use, works really well and offers a good level of customisation. The developer offers awesome support and they are actively developing and improving their product.


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