Introducing the new Meta Slider Lightbox plugin

Today we released Meta Slider Lightbox, a new plugin that extends Meta Slider by allowing slides to be opened in a lightbox, which has been a frequently requested feature.


It’s compatible with both Meta Slider and Meta Slider Pro and requires one of the following supported lightbox plugins:

With the plugin activated you’ll see a new checkbox within the ‘Advanced Settings’ panel – ‘Open in lightbox?’ – and when enabled the slides will open up in a lightbox if the user clicks on them. The lightbox settings are controlled via Simple Lightbox so it will keep things consistent across your site.

Future releases will see support for other popular lightbox plugins so if there’s one you would like to use with Meta Slider then let us know!

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5 thoughts on “Introducing the new Meta Slider Lightbox plugin

  1. Guest

    Hi, and thanks – but it doesn’t work – no rel=”lightbox[]” appears in the markup rendered by metaslider, nor are any additional resources included in the page (which would likely be needed).

    Also, it wouldn’t’ work anyway, since metaslider does not (by default) render images as links.

    Please advised what someone would need to do to get this to work

  2. Jérémie Séguillon

    Hi the Meta Slider LightBox doesnt work with Metal Slider Pro

    1. Dave

      Hi there,

      Would you be able to provide a link to the slider that’s not working correctly.

      Also, could you let us know which of the supported lightbox plugins you are using?


  3. Đặng Hân

    can i add meta slider show to optimizepress theme..( my page build)?

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