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The latest update brings a variety of performance improvements, new translation packs and HTML5 compatibility.

Performance Improvements

Many plugins (including Meta Slider up until now!) include their plugin classes with every request to WordPress. This can increase the amount of memory your site uses, and in some cases can slow it down. Meta Slider 2.8 addresses this to ensure classes are only included when they’re needed.

Many thanks to Speze Viktor for his advice and prodding us in the right direction! If you’re a plugin developer, check out Victor’s useful plugin to see where you could make improvements: What’s Running.

As part of these changes we tested Meta Slider against a variety of popular WordPress Slider plugins and found Meta Slider has the lowest memory footprint of them all. Check it out for yourself – the P3 Performance Profiler by GoDaddy makes it easy to find out how much of an impact each of your plugins have on your site.

FlexSlider Slideshow Loading

We’ve updated Flex Slider to v2.2.2 and made some changes to Meta Slider to make sure your slideshow will load quickly and without making the content ‘jump about’. This has been a hot topic for support since day 1, so hopefully this change will please a lot of our users!


We’ve added Romanian and Dutch translations – thanks to our translators!

If you would like to translate Meta Slider, please get in touch – we’ll thank you with a free copy of Meta Slider Pro!

HTML5 CompatibilityHTML5_Logo_256-150x150

This has been a thorn in our side since day 1, and it’s a problem that affects the majority of shortcode plugins that enqueue CSS.

The problem: It’s impossible to use wp_enqueue_style from a shortcode and have the CSS inserted into the <head> section of your site. That’s because the <head> section of your site has already been generated by the time the shortcode is processed, so WordPress enqueues the CSS at the bottom of your page instead.

This will break your HTML5 validity.

Some shortcode plugins work around this by simply including their CSS on every single page of your site. That’s not something we want to do – we only include scripts and CSS on the page when they’re needed.

The solution: Update to Meta Slider 2.8 and insert the following line into your wp-config.php file:


When this setting is defined and enabled, your page content will be processed after it’s been generated, and with the help of simple_html_dom, your Meta Slider CSS includes will be moved to the <head> of your page. Hooray – you’re HTML5 Valid!

We’ve also made sure every image output by Meta Slider has an “alt” tag – even if it’s empty. This should make it a bit easier for you to get the all important ‘Pass’ mark from the W3 HTML Validator.

Get Meta Slider 2.8

Meta Slider 2.8 is completely free, you can download it from If you have it installed already, just head to your Plugins page in WordPress and click the Update link.

We’ve also been working on some exciting enhancements to Meta Slider Pro, keep your eyes peeled for an update!