Meta Slider (free) 3.3.4 & Meta Slider Pro 2.6.5

We’ve just released updates to both the free and Pro versions of Meta Slider.

A key feature is the addition of stylesheet attribute to Meta Slider CSS tags to satisfy HTML5 validation, specifically this error:

Element link is missing required attribute property 

Meta Slider (free) 3.3.4

  • Add HTML5 validation by applying a property=”stylesheet” attribute to meta slider CSS tags
  • Remove unused “Resource Manager” code
  • Chinese language pack updated (thanks to mamsds!)

Meta Slider Pro 2.6.5 

  • Fix bug with multiple post feed slideshows and filmstrip thumbnails
  • Add metaslider_tubeplayer_protocol filter
  • Fix Vantage bug with YouTube first slide autoplay
  • Remove TGM Plugin Activation class


5 thoughts on “Meta Slider (free) 3.3.4 & Meta Slider Pro 2.6.5

  1. Mihajlo91

    Hello,i have a question,is it possible to create a slider that grabs recent posts + has vertical thumbnails(carousel) with meta slider? I’ve been thinking to buy the pro version for that but i need an answer about this before i do that

  2. Stephen

    Did you build your front page main slider using this plugin?

  3. Creative Laser Specialties

    WE had our site created last year and we have meta slider and the meta slider pro add on pack. Recently, the pro updates are failing. It says to login and displays my login info. If I try to reset password, It won’t work and they cannot recognize any email or the username that is stored in my wordpress site. If I go to the meta slider site to contact their support, I cannot without a purchase code that I never received from my site creator. DOes anyone know how to contact this company as I cannot submit a support ticket?

    1. Joseph Miles

      Hi – It sounds like someone created this site for you, so they’d have the order ID. If it’s easier, please could you fill out a support request on the website with dummy order ID number?

  4. Creative Laser Specialties

    Will do, Thank you for the quick response.

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