Photography Site

Use image slides and filmstrip navigation to create a simple but effective slideshow to show of your beautiful photographs and other images. Add a lightbox plugin with our Meta Slider Lightbox add-on to let people view the image as large as possible.

News Site or Blog

Use simple image slides to show images relating to a featured story. Combine that with a slideshow, set to carousel mode, containing a post slide* to display other stories. Use the Theme Editor to move and style the captions to fit your theme.

Online Store

Add a slideshow with layer slides* showing off your latest offers at the top and a carousel post slide* at the bottom displaying your products post type. Meta Slider works nicely with Woocommerce and allows you to use information such as the product price in the post...


Add some photos as layer slides*, then add a layer covering the image set to a semi-transparent colour to give a fantastic overlay. Then add some text that animates in to the giving some details about your company. Select the stretch option so that your slideshow...