Refund and Cancellation Policy

What is your refund/cancellation policy?


Software: We can consider refunds, at our discretion (i.e. no automatic right), based upon the particular circumstances of your case. In practice, we usually require that you have found a technical fault, and that we are given proper opportunity to verify sufficient information about any faults which you believe you have found (and that they are in MetaSlider or MetaSlider Pro, not something else), and to fix them within a reasonable time period. These must in all circumstances be requested within 14 days of purchase, which we believe is sufficient time to ascertain that a purchase works.

Cancelling your subscription without a refund does not affect your current licensing period or support. If a subscription has been cancelled, the licenses and support will expire automatically on the renewal date.

Legalese: There are no automatic refunds for digitally-deliverable/non-tangible goods. This is standard practice in these industries, because such goods cannot be returned (unlike physical goods). It is your responsibility to read the product descriptions, verify that it meets your needs (i.e. it provides a workable backup solution for you) and is suitable for your product environment (e.g. that your web hosting company does not ban backups). Please do not treat a purchase as trial-ware – we don’t want to push increased costs onto our genuine customers. EU customers have the legal right to a refund of digital goods which they have not yet downloaded, if requested within 14 days, and such requests will also be honoured.

For separately-purchased support services (i.e. not those bundled with software), for which you purchase support for a specific issue, if your support need turns out to be caused by an MetaSlider or MetaSlider Pro defect, then we will refund you 100% of your purchase price for the support purchase.

No refunds are available for unused support purchases, or for any part of the price of a bundled software+support package (for refund purposes, those are treated as 100% software packages).

These restrictions do not affect your consumer rights. For example, if MetaSlider Pro’s product description states that it has a feature which in fact it does not have, then you can invoke your consumer rights.

Finally, we reserve the right to, without notice or refund, terminate any ongoing services (including support agreements or update feeds) to customers who abuse our facilities or staff.

What happens if an automatic MetaSlider Pro payment fails?

If an automatic payment for MetaSlider Pro fails, you will be notified by email. You will then have the opportunity to pay for your next subscription period via card or PayPal. This can be done from your Account Page on

Please note that a chargeback (whether from PayPal or your card company) will automatically count as a cancelled payment. Also, in terms of purchased support, once your paid period has expired, you are not entitled to any support with issues pertaining to MetaSlider Pro

How are payments for MetaSlider Pro taken?

If you purchase a subscription to MetaSlider Pro, then this is paid for using PayPal or a card. In the case of card payments, payments will be processed automatically annually. We do not store your card details under any circumstances; rather (for card payments) we use, one of the web’s most trusted and most widely-used payment vendors, complying with the highest standards for card security. You can cancel your recurring payments at any time by logging in at