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Stats tell us that most of you are using Google Chrome. Chrome’s web developer features are great for getting things done. However, I’ve recently switched back to Firefox for most use. Both are excellent browsers these days.

If you’re also on Firefox, and haven’t yet found this extension… then it might be the one you’ve been waiting for: “Disable Ctrl-Q Shortcut”.

Oh yes! It is quite irritating to be closing a tab or two with Control-W… and the finger accidentally slips a few millimetres over and BANG – Control Q – you’ve quit the whole browser. All your open tabs are now gone. Grrr!

This add-on is now one of my favourites: it does one useful job, and does it well!

Admittedly, Chrome made this a non-issue by making the “quit” shortcut to be Control-Shift-Q…

David Anderson (lead developer, founder, UpdraftPlus)

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