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We are pleased to launch an updated version of UpdraftPlus that now features lots of new helpful features and tweaks. Just some of the new features in the new update include marking a backup as “do not delete”, adding restore command to WP-CLI and the fingerprint configuration for SFTP/SCP. These changes are for the free version of UpdraftPlus. We recommend this update for all.

The full change-log for this release are as follows:

* FEATURE: Added UpdraftCentral’s theme management module handler

* FEATURE: User can mark any backup as “do not delete”, and it will then not be deleted even when retention limits are hit

* FEATURE: WP-CLI – add a ‘restore’ command

* FEATURE: WP-CLI – Add an option ‘delete-during-restore’ in the ‘restore’ command

* FEATURE: Add optional ‘fingerprint’ configuration for sftp/scp remote storage, allowing the connection to be halted if the server’s fingerprint does not match what was entered

* FEATURE: Added the ability to take an incremental backup via WP-CLI (note: incremental backups are still considered an experimental/work-in-progress feature)

* FIX: If a user gave the wrong key to decrypt an encrypted database, the “Decryption failed” message did not display  

* FIX: The Migration was not changing an unsupported database table engine with the MyISAM  engine automatically

* FIX: Issue with the Dropbox account API call on some installs

* FIX: The web server disk space refresh link of the existing backups is not working

* FIX: The UpdraftPlus News couldn’t print first time when the news cache was not made

* FIX: Activating the “all addons” licence did not remove the corresponding ‘activate on this account’ link in the “Premium / Extensions” tab

* FIX: When set names query character set hadn’t support by the current MySQL server, the restoration process wasn’t gave replace the character set

* TWEAK: Updated the plugin.php handler for UpdraftCentral’s new plugin management module

* TWEAK: Update posts handler to fix and update pagination in UpdraftCentral

* TWEAK: Refresh UpdraftCentral keys upon successful login or registration using the UpdraftCentral Cloud wizard

* TWEAK: Correct admin page URL in WP-CLI ‘restore’ command when on multisite without multisite add-on

* TWEAK: Prevent PHP notice when checking non-existent files in relation to an extraneous whitespace warning

* TWEAK: Prevent PHP notices in add-ons with non-present settings

* TWEAK: Add the “Migrate / Clone” tab in place of the “Migrate / Clone” dialog

* TWEAK: Prevent call to the the wp_get_sites() deprecated function on WP 4.6 and newer

* TWEAK: Prevent a potential PHP debugging notice when displaying the ‘Connect with your’ form

* TWEAK: Do not show the confusing JetPack ‘backup’ notice on the ‘Updates’ page

* TWEAK: Added clone notices and commands for when UpdraftPlus is running on a UpdraftClone

* TWEAK: Move ‘Log all messages to syslog (only server admins are likely to want this)’ into the ‘expert’ settings section

* TWEAK: Replace a missing class constant in the Dropbox SDK (only relevant to people upgrading from Dropbox API v1 tokens – indicates upgrading UpdraftPlus from a very old version that previously used Dropbox APIv1 but never v2)

* TWEAK: Prevent potential PHP debugging notices in restoration step 2

* TWEAK: Allow non-Super Admins to access UpdraftPlus Premium if they have ‘manage_network_plugins’ capability and the updraft_user_can_manage filter is used

* TWEAK: Improved code in a way that prevents continuous polling in the themes page, this plugins page and the updates page

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