Video backgrounds for Layer Slides – Meta Slider Pro 2.6

In the latest version of Meta Slider Pro we’ve added the ability to use HTML5 video backgrounds on Layer Slides.

Video backgrounds have been become popular recently, with sites like Spotify and PayPal using them to great effect.

We’ve updated our documentation for Layer Slides to reflect the new features and you can check out a demo of a slideshow with a video background on our homepage.

We hope you enjoy the latest addition to Meta Slider Pro!

7 thoughts on “Video backgrounds for Layer Slides – Meta Slider Pro 2.6

  1. rushon

    How can I downloaded it? We have a pro license.

    1. jeffreyd00

      updates are available directly in wordpress. Dashboard | Updates

      1. rushon

        Well, we do not use FTP on our server (on purpose). So, is there a way I can get the zip file of 2.6?

        1. matchalabs

          Hi rushon.

          If you aren’t able to update directly in WordPress, please get in touch through support and we’ll send you the latest version.


  2. E-VANCE

    I want to achieve exactly what you’ve got in place on your homepage… Since you didn’t use Vimeo or Youtube but instead uploaded it directly to WordPress: Can I do the same with a Vimeo video? Or does it have to be self-hosted? Also: Any (CSS-)documentation on how you went full-width with the slider? Guess that’s easily done, right?

  3. Jordan

    My layer Slides background video play in my pc but when I open in mobile device it doesn’t play. Did I do something wrong?

    1. aminkhan

      same issue to me have any suggetion

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