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To recreate this slideshow in Meta Slider:

  • 1. Make sure the slideshow type is set to “Flex Slider”
  • 2. Enable “Carousel mode” in the advanced settings for the slideshow
  • 3. Set the size of the slideshow to the size you’d like each image to be, for example 250 x 250.
  • 4. Optional: To get the ‘slide back slightly, then slide forwards’ transition effect, set the ‘Easing’ option to ‘Ease Out Back’.
  • 5. Optional: For an image to open in a lightbox install Meta Slider Lightbox and one of the supported lightbox plugins, in this case we used Easy FancyBox


Note: Carousels will be output at 100% wide, so they will fill the width of the container they are placed within. To constrain the width of a carousel, place it within it’s own container and specify a max width. See below for an example.

<div style='max-width: 600px;'>

Carousels are compatible with all slide types: YouTube, Vimeo, Post Feed, Layer and Image slides. They’re ideal for showing a list of your latest posts or to use as a Featured Product slider for your homepage.