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MetaSlider Documentation

Getting Started

General information and instructions to help you get started with MetaSlider.

5 articles

Slide Types

Descriptions and information about the various slide types within MetaSlider.

7 articles

MetaSlider FAQs

Answers to the most commonly asked questions about using MetaSlider.

6 articles

MetaSlider Pro

Guides to installing and using the Pro version of the MetaSlider plugin.

3 articles

MetaSlider Design

Information on how to customize the design and style of MetaSlider slideshows.

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Troubleshooting MetaSlider

Information on how to correct common issues with MetaSlider slideshows.

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Accounts and Subscriptions

Information and agreements for users who are MetaSlider Pro members.

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Theme Integration

Instructions on how to integrate MetaSlider with various free themes

11 articles

Developer API

Details of the hooks and filters that are available to developers

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MetaSlider Security

Information on keeping MetaSlider safe and reporting security issues.

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