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MetaSlider Documentation

Getting Started

General information and instructions to help you get started with MetaSlider.

6 articles

Slide Types

Learn about various slide types including images, videos, layer slides and more.

7 articles

MetaSlider Pro

Guides to installing and using the Pro version of the MetaSlider plugin.

7 articles

Slideshow Design

Information on how to customize the design and style of MetaSlider slideshows.

11 articles


Information on how to correct common issues with MetaSlider slideshows.

11 articles

MetaSlider FAQs

Answers to the most commonly asked questions about using MetaSlider.

5 articles

Plugin Integrations

How to integrate MetaSlider with plugins such as WooCommerce.

2 articles

Theme Integrations

How to integrate MetaSlider with various free and commercial themes.

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Details on how to manage your MetaSlider Pro account and subscriptions.

7 articles

Code Samples

Code snippets that can add features and fix problems for MetaSlider users.

13 articles

Image Slides

Image Slides will display an image, plus other features such as a caption, or a URL link.

3 articles

Vimeo Slides

A Vimeo slide will display a video in your slideshow directly from Vimeo.com.

2 articles

YouTube Slides

A YouTube slide will display a video in your slideshow directly from YouTube.com.

1 article

External URL Slides

External URL Slides allow you to load images directly from a non-WordPress sources.

1 article

Post Feed Slides

Post Feed slides dynamically display slides based on your WordPress posts.

3 articles

Layer Slides

Layer Slides allow you to creates layers of different elements on top of your slides.

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Information, hooks and filters that are available to developers working with MetaSlider.

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MetaSlider Security

Information on keeping MetaSlider safe and reporting security issues.

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