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How to Use MetaSlider Pro Licenses

MetaSlider Pro does have a different approach to license keys when compared to some other WordPress plugins.

Some plugins will give you a long license key that you have to copy-and-paste over to your site. MetaSlider Pro doesn’t use license keys. We only ask you use the email address and password you used to register on this.

Here are the steps to follow to use your MetaSlider license:

  • This guide will help you install both the Free and the Pro versions of MetaSlider on your website.
  • Once you have both the Free and Pro version, go to the “Plugins” screen in your website.
  • Enter the Email and Password you created for MetaSlider.com.
  • Click the blue “Connect” button.
  • You will see a pop-up window with the message: “You have successfully connected for access to updates to this plugin.”

After you have successfully connected to your MetaSlider.com account, the Email and Password box will no longer show.

Please note: We do allow you have a billing email address for your account. That email address will not work. The email address for the license is the one you use to login at MetaSlider.com.