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A Video Thumbnail is Not Displaying

When you add a YouTube or Vimeo slide to a slideshow, MetaSlider automatically downloads a thumbnail for the video directly from the YouTube or Vimeo servers.

In some cases, this process fails and your slideshow will display a broken image in place of the Video thumbnail. The video will still play, but the thumbnail will not display.

The Video is Set to Private on Vimeo.com

This stops MetaSlider from being able to retrieve a thumbnail for the video from the Vimeo servers. Here’s the solution:

  • Remove the video from the slideshow
  • Set the video to ‘public’ on Vimeo
  • Add the video slide back into the slideshow
  • Set the video back to ‘private’ on Vimeo

There’s a Server Firewall

Your server may be set up to block requests to the Vimeo and Youtube servers as a security measure. You will need to contact your host and ask them to unblock the following URLs from the server firewall:

  • vimeo.com
  • youtube.com