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How to Export and Import Slideshows

It is possible to export slideshows from MetaSlider and import them to a new website.

To find the “Export” screen, go to “MetaSlider” and then “Settings & Help.”

Clicking the “Export” button will organize all of your slideshows into a single data file that you can use to restore on another website.

Your images will need to be exported manually and uploaded to the new website before importing these slideshows. Additionally, image file names need to match as we will use built in WordPress functions to locate the image based on its current name.

Your exported file will download to your desktop. The file will have a name such as metaslider-export-june-2-local-2022-06-06T19 25 02.556Z.json.

  • On the new site, go to “MetaSlider”, then “Settings & Help”, then “Import”.
  • Click the “Upload file” button.
  • Click the “Import” button.
  • MetaSlider will now give you feedback on your import. If any images are missing, the plugin will give you the details on those missing images.