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How to Upgrade Your MetaSlider Pro Account

MetaSlider Pro licenses are sold per-site, so you can buy a license to use the plugin on 1 site, 5 sites, or unlimited sites. It is possible to change the number of licenses on your account.

To start the upgrade (or downgrade) process, follow these steps.

  • Click the “Subscriptions” link in your account menu.
  • Click the “Upgrade or Downgrade Your Subscription” button.
Account upgrade or downgrade process
  • Choose your new subscription from the “License” dropdown menu.
  • Click the “Switch subscription” button.
Switch subscription screen for account upgrade
  • You will now be in the checkout process. You will get a discount based on the time left on your current plan.
  • Complete the checkout process and your account will instantly move the new license plan.
Checkout process for account upgrade