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Introduction to Layer Slides

Layer Slides are included in MetaSlider Pro.

Layer Slides allow you to creates layers of different elements. You can add text, video, colors, animations and even other images on top of your first image.

Add a new Layer Slide to your slideshow

  • Click the “Add Slide” button to launch the Media Manager.
Add Slide to Layer Slide
  • In the left menu of the Media Manager, select “Layer Slide”. 
  • From here you can select a background image for the slide, or upload a new image.
Creating a new Layer Slide in MetaSlider
  • Click the “Add to slideshow” button.
  • The Media Manager will close and a Layer Slide will be added to your slideshow.

How to use the Layer Editor

  • Click the blue “Launch Layer Editor” button to open the layer editor lightbox.
Launch Layer Slider
  • Click the “New Layer” button located at the top left of the editor to add a new layer.
Adding a new layer in the Layer Editor

Layers can include plain text, formatted text, HTML, images, videos, and even shortcodes. Use the buttons in the main toolbar to add any element you need.

The Layer Editor toolbar

Advanced users can take advantage of the “Source” button to edit the HTML of each layer directly.

Editing the source of a Layer Editor slide

You can adjust the padding and background color of each layer by using the options located on the bottom row of the toolbar.

  • To reposition a layer, use the drag and drop handle located at the bottom left of the layer.
Repositioning an element on a Layer Editor slide
  • To resize a layer, use the resize handle located at the bottom right of the layer.
Resizing an element on a Layer Editor slide
  • To delete a layer, click the delete icon located in the top right of the layer.
Deleting an element on a Layer Editor slide

Tips and tricks for using Layer Slides

  • If you’re editing the Layer HTML Source manually, be sure to specify your font sizes and line heights in ‘em’ units. This ensures your layers will scale responsively.
  • For transparent layer backgrounds, click the background color picker and drag the bottom horizontal bar all the way to the left.
  • The preview does not load your themes stylesheet. There may be differences between what you see in the preview and what you see when you embed the slideshow into your site. If layers are working in the preview, but not on your site, then it means there is a CSS conflict coming from your theme or other plugins. If you need help tracking down and fixing the conflict down please get in touch.