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My MetaSlider License Won’t Connect

The MetaSlider Pro plugin relies on licenses for updates and support. Click here to see how to add a MetaSlider license to a site.

Sometimes users may see problem when connecting their license. This image below shows one problem with the message, “The response from the remote site could not be decoded. (More information is recorder in the browser console).

IP address blocked

This problem is normally caused by the IP address of this server, because it is blacklisted. You can check if the IP address of your server is on a blacklist by visiting https://check.spamhaus.org.

If your server’s IP address is on the Spamhaus blacklist, you may have bigger problems than the MetaSlider license. For example, you may have issues delivering emails until that is fixed.

A server on a blacklist will often be be blocked by security firewalls, including the one we use at MetaSlider to keep customers safe.