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Dynamic Slideshows For Taxonomies

The Post Feeds Slides feature in MetaSlider allow you to pull content into the slideshow from the taxonomy on the screen.

For example, if you are viewing an archive page for the “Apple” category, the URL will be /category/apple/. It is possible to place a MetaSlider slideshow on this screen and automatically show the content from this category.

  • On a Post Feed slide, click the “Post Types” tab.
  • For “Source posts”, select this option: “Automatically choose post from the current frontend taxonomy”.
Frontend taxonomy

You can use any coding technique or page-builder to place a slideshow on archive pages. In this example, we’ll use the Site Editor feature in the WordPress core. In this screenshot below, we’ve placed a MetaSlider shortcode into the Archive template.

MetaSlider archive

This approach will show a MetaSlider slideshow on top of every archive page. This screenshot below shows a slideshow on a Category archive page.

Category archive page with screenshot