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Introduction to TikTok Slides

TikTok Slides are included in MetaSlider Pro.

A TikTok Slide will display a video in your slideshow directly from TikTok.com.

Add a new TikTok Slide to your slideshow

  • Click the “Add Slide” button to launch the Media Manager.
Add new slide for TikTok
  • Select “TikTok” from the left.
  • Paste any TikTok URL into the text input.
  • Click the “Add to slideshow” button.
Add TikTok video to slideshow
  • You will now see a new slider with a preview of your TikTok video. If you don’t see a preview, you may need to turn off any features in your browser that block ads or social networks.
TikTok video slide
  • Choose a good height and width for your videos. TikTok videos use a 16:9 aspect ratio. Click here for more details on recommended sizes. So in the right sidebar, choose an appropriate height and width. 325px wide and 540px high is a common choice.
TikTok video size

TikTok slides will work with any theme, but we do provide a theme called “Social Play” that is specifically optimized for vertical, social videos.

Social media videos in slideshow