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MetaSlider and Divi Theme and Builder

MetaSlider has full support for the Divi Theme and Builder in WordPress.

Divi is one of the most popular themes in WordPress and MetaSlider is the most popular slideshow plugin. So naturally, they make a great combination.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to add a MetaSlider slideshow into a Divi layout.

  • To design a page with Divi, click on the “Edit with Divi link” button from the “Post” screen.
  • To add a MetaSlider slideshow, click the “Add New Module’ button.
Add a new module with Divi
  • Choose the “Text” module, as in this screenshot below:
Divi module for MetaSlider shortcode

Enter the MetaSlider shortcode into the text area, as in this screenshot below.

Divi screen layout with MetaSlider shortcode

There will be a live preview of the slideshow inside the Divi screen. This may not always be an accurate preview because the CSS for your site may be slightly different between the preview and the frontend of your site.

Divi screen layout with MetaSlider