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Themes Available for Slideshows

In this guide, we’ll introduce the themes that you can choose for your MetaSlider slideshow.

Bitono Theme

Bitono is a minimalist theme with a 2-color scheme. This theme has a subtle gradient overlay.

Bitono theme

Blend Theme

Blend places numerical pagination, captions, and navigation arrows, all on the bottom of the slide.

Blend theme

Bubble Theme

Bubble is a fun, circular design to brighten up your site. This theme works well with dark images.

Bubble theme

Clarity Theme

This theme is specifically designed for accessibility with clear, obvious elements and color schemes. This design also follows the best layout and coding practices for accessible slideshows.

Clarity Theme

Cubic Theme

Cubic is a simple, slick square design that looks good on darker images:

Cubic theme

Databold Theme

With this theme, both the caption and the image are given equal weight. The caption is shown on a clear white background.

Databold Theme

Disjoint Theme

The Disjoint theme is futuristic and linear design that goes will with a dark background.

Disjoint theme

Draxler Theme

This theme places the caption and the navigation arrows to the top of the screen.

Draxler theme

Highway Theme

Highway is a bold and clear design that works well on a darker images.

Highway theme

Jenga Theme

The Jenga theme places the controls vertically for a unique look.

Jenga theme

Outline Theme

Outline is clean, subtle theme that features block arrows and bold design.

Outline theme

Precognition Theme

The Precognition theme has a special additional functionality that uses image titles as the slide navigation.

Precognition theme

Retsu Theme (MetaSlider Pro only)

This is a 50/50 theme where the caption is given half of the screen.

Retsu theme

Radix Theme

The Radix theme has a unique design that gives it a sophisticated look.

Radix theme

Simply Dark

Simply Dark is a minimalist, no-frills design that was built to blend in with most themes.

Simply Dark theme

Social Play Theme (MetaSlider Pro only)

This theme is designed to showcase vertical images and videos, particularly TikTok videos and YouTube shorts.

Social Play theme

The Architekt

The Architeckt is a minimalist theme that gets out of the way so you can showcasing your beautiful pictures.

The Architekt theme