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Themes Available for Slideshows

In this guide, we’ll introduce the themes that you can choose for your MetaSlider slideshow.

Cubic Theme

Cubic is a simple, slick square design that looks good on darker images:

Outline Theme

Outline is clean, subtle theme that features block arrows and bold design.

Bubble Theme

Bubble is a fun, circular design to brighten up your site. This theme works well with dark images.

Simply Dark

Simply Dark is a minimalistic, no-frills design that was built to blend in with most themes.

Jenga Theme

The Jenga theme places the controls vertically for a unique look.

Disjoint Theme

The Disjoint theme is futuristic and linear design that goes will with a dark background.

Blend Theme

Blend is simple theme that neatly blends into any existing website.

Precognition Theme

The Precognition theme has a special additional functionality that uses image titles as the slide navigation.

Radix Theme

The Radix theme has a unique design that gives it a sophisticated look.

Highway Theme

Highway is a bold and clear design that works well on a darker images.

The Architekt

The Architeckt is a minimalist theme that gets out of the way so you can showcasing your beautiful pictures.