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A MetaSlider Slide Is Not Displaying

If a slide is not showing in your MetaSlider slideshow, this guide has some suggestions for common troubleshooting steps.

#Step 1. Make Sure Your Plugins Are Up-to-Date

  • Go the “Plugins” link in your WordPress admin menu.
  • Update any plugins that are out-of-date, especially MetaSlider plugins. Many technical problems are caused by out-of-date plugins.

Step #2. Check the Slideshow Settings

  • Go to “MetaSlider” link in your WordPress admin menu.
  • Look for the “Hide Slide” button in the top-right corner of each slide.
  • If the eye icon has a red horizontal line, then this slide will not appear.
Slideshow Hide settings
  • If you are using MetaSlider Pro, check the “Schedule” tab. If this feature is enabled, your slide may not be configured to display currently.
Slideshow Schedule settings

Step #3. Is the Issue With One Slide or the Whole Slideshow?

Normally a slideshow will have multiple slides. Check the display on the front of your site. Is the whole slideshow not displaying, or is it just a single slide?

Step #4. Is the Issue With One Slideshow or All the Slideshows?

If you try Step #3 and confirm the problem is with the whole slideshow, try testing another slideshow.

If the problem is with all your slideshows, click this link for more troubleshooting ideas.