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Using the Theme Editor to Change Captions

MetaSlider Pro includes a fully featured Theme Editor which can be used to change the visual aspects of your slideshow including the caption styling, arrow styling, and navigation styling.

To access the Theme Editor, go to MetaSlider Pro > Theme Editor.

In the top-right corner, choose a slideshow you have already created. MetaSlider will use this as a preview, so you can get an accurate idea of how your theme looks.

Now, in the left column, you can make changes to your theme. For example, in the screenshot above, the caption is in the bottom left corner of the image. I’m going to make several changes to the settings in the “Caption” area. You can see my changes in the list and screenshot below.

  • Position: Top Right
  • Width: 30%
  • Text Align: Right
  • Background Color: Green
Custom captions in MetaSlider

In the next image below, you can see the result of those changes. The caption has moved to the opposite corner, and it is on a different color background.

Another example of a change you can make is with the navigation arrows. The default arrows are skinny and black, as you can see in the image above. You can choose your own navigation arrows in the “Arrows” area of the left sidebar. If you want, you can use the “Custom Prev Arrow” and “Custom Next Arrow” boxes to upload your own icons. Or you can use the “Built in Styles” box to choose from icons provided by MetaSlider.

Custom arrows in MetaSlider

In this image below, select “Type 16” and “White”. This gives arrows that are thick and white instead of thin and dark.

You can use MetaSlider’s theme editor to change many key elements of your slider. To take another example, you change the “Outer Border Radius” setting to give curved corners to your slideshow as in this image below: