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How Do I Open a Slide In A Lightbox Modal?

If you would like a slide to open up into a lightbox modal when the user clicks on it, you can use MetaSlider Lightbox, a separate plugin that extends MetaSlider.

A slideshow allows you to create a beautiful showcase of images or videos for your visitors.

You can enhance your slideshow with a lightbox. Visitors can view your slideshow and then click on an image and see a larger, higher-resolution version of the image. Often the background is darkened so that the viewer’s eyes can focus on the image alone.

You will also need to install a lightbox plugin. Here are some of the options:

In fact, there are even more plugins supported by MetaSlider Lightbox. You can see a full list on the WordPress.org listing.

  • Once you have created a slideshow in MetaSlider, look in the right sidebar. You are looking for the “Advanced Settings” area.
  • Scroll down and check the “Open in lightbox?” setting.
MetaSlider Lightbox settings

Now go and visit your slideshow on the front of your site. This image below shows a normal slideshow.

Click on any of the images in your slideshow, and you’ll see a full pop-up window. You can navigate through the images. This example was created with the “Easy FancyBox” plugin.