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Use this filter to modify the user capability required to use MetaSlider. The default capability is ‘edit_others_posts’.



(string) (required) User role capability


Change the capability required to use MetaSlider

You can change the required capability to any default capability included in WordPress.

In the example below we’ve used the User Role Editor plugin to create a custom capability (called ‘metaslider_use’).

 * You can change this to a different capability by pasting the code below into
 * your themes functions.php file.
 * You can use the 'User Role Editor' plugin to add a custom capability to WordPress
 * specifically for MetaSlider users.
function metaslider_change_required_role($capability) {
    return 'metaslider_use'; // this is the ID of a custom capability added using User Role Editor
add_filter('metaslider_capability', 'metaslider_change_required_role');