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Does MetaSlider Pro use Recurring Subscriptions?

Yes, we do use recurring subscriptions here at MetaSlider.

If you change your mind, these subscriptions are easy to cancel. We sell 100% risk-free recurring subscriptions:

  • We send you reminder emails before all renewals.
  • If the subscription renews, and you did not want it to, we will give you a refund within 14 days of the renewal.

Click here for our refund policy.

Why does MetaSlider Pro use recurring subscriptions?

You can buy the plugin and immediately cancel your subscription. However, we encourage you to remain a subscriber because these plugins require continuous ongoing development. Our team needs to update the code for every new WordPress version, even the minor ones. We are also constantly updating them to work with other WordPress plugins, to fix bugs, and to meet the needs of third-party services such as Google.

Your subscription makes it possible for us to keep up with all this work. Plus, a well-maintained plugin will make your site work better and be less vulnerable.

What happens if I don’t renew my subscription?

You can continue using the plugin even after your subscription expires. However, after your subscription expires, you will lose access to our support team. Also, you will not receive any more updates. These updates contain security and bug fixes, as well as new features.