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MetaSlider Free vs Pro

Here is a side-by-side comparison of the features available in MetaSlider Free and MetaSlider Pro:

FeaturesMetaSlider FreeMetaSlider Pro
Create unlimited slideshows
Create and manage as many slideshows as you need.
Regular updates
We keep MetaSlider compatible with the latest versions of WordPress.
Intelligent image cropping
Unique Smart Crop functionality ensures your slides are perfectly resized.
Thumbnail and Filmstrip navigation
Easily allow users to navigate your slideshows by thumbnails.
YouTube video slides
Easily include responsive high definition YouTube videos.
Vimeo video slides
Easily include responsive high definition Vimeo videos.
Add local video slides
Create slideshows with videos from your WordPress media library.
Add external video slides
Create slideshows with videos hosted on other platforms.
Add external image slides
Create slideshows with images hosted on other platforms.
Layer slides
Add layers to your slides with over 50 available transition effects.
Post feed slides
Easily build slides based on your WordPress posts.
Plugin integrations
Build slides using data from any WordPress plugin.
Schedule your slides
Add a start/end date to individual slides.
Toggle your slide's visibility
Allows you to hide any slide, without having to delete them.
Premium support
Have your specific queries addressed directly by our experts.