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Image Crop Options

MetaSlider helps you create stylish slideshows by automatically cropping your images to a standard height and width. This feature can be disabled if you don’t want consistent image sizes.

When you’re editing a slideshow, look for the “Image Crop” dropdown. You will see four options:

  • Smart Crop: This will automatically crop all your images to the “Width” and “Height” dimensions in set inside your slideshow.
  • Standard: This will automatically crop all your images to the “Width” dimension set inside your slideshow. The “Height” dimension will be adjusted proportionally based on the “Width”.
  • Disabled: This will disable all image cropping options. You can use the “Smooth Height” option to make sure the navigation arrows are always visible, no matter the image size.
  • Disabled (Smart Pad): This is the best option for slideshows with a mixture of different image sizes. Smart Pad works by disabling MetaSlider’s image cropping features. Instead, the Smart Pad feature will automatically add padding to portrait images. Click for more on Smart Pad.
Image Crop options in MetaSlider