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MetaSlider Database Information

MetaSlider stores slideshow information in the WordPress database. The plugin relies on the WordPress core database tables, and does not create its own tables.

Database Information for Individual Slides

Individual slides are stored in the wp_posts table using the ml-slide post type. This screenshot shows a single image slide. This slide has an ID of 28 and it is attached to a slideshow with an ID of 23.

This next screenshot shows how the slide is listed in the wp_posts table.

You will also find information about slides in the wp_postmeta table. This screenshot show information about the slide with an ID of 28.

Connecting Slides and Slideshow With Taxonomies

MetaSlider uses a taxonomy called ml-slider to attach slides to a slideshow.

Go to the wp_term_taxonomy table and you’ll see terms that are attached to this taxonomy. This screenshot below shows three terms attached to the ml-slider taxonomy.

This next screenshot is taken from the wp_terms table. There is a term with an name of 23 that corresponds to the slideshow with the same ID.

Go to the wp_term_relationships table and you’ll find that the post / slide with the ID of 28 is linked to the slider / term with an ID of 4.