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MetaSlider Product Updates for December

calendar Nov 9, 2023

Hey, this is Steve from MetaSlider. Thanks so much for using our WordPress slideshow plugin.

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MetaSlider Has a Redesigned Admin and New Mobile Controls

The December update for MetaSlider is available now. This final release of 2023 has an improved admin design, new mobile settings, and lots more useful upgrades.

Stop AdBlock Removing Images on Your WordPress Site

This week we had an interesting question from a MetaSlider user. Their slideshow was working perfectly. However, when they uploaded one new image, that image would not show. The user had tested carefully and realized that the problem only happened when using a browser with the Adblock Plus browser extension.

The MetaSlider Review of 2023

We hope you’re having a great end to 2023. In this guide, we’ll show you all the improvements to MetaSlider during this year.

MetaSlider 2023 review

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