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MetaSlider Now Supports Video Captions and External Videos

MetaSlider Pro 2.30 is now available with lots of new video features, plus improved schedule options.

It’s now possible to add captions to videos, and to load videos from external services.

We’ve also updated the “Schedule” feature. You can schedule slides to show on certain days, on specific days of the week, or at times you choose.

New Feature #1. Video Captions

It is now possible to add video captions to Local and External Video Slides. This feature uses VTT files to add captions. This screenshot below shows how the video will appear with text captions. There is a “CC” button in the toolbar that viewers can use to control the captions. Click here for more on video captions. We believe captions are important part of making accessible WordPress slideshows.

Local video with captions

New Feature #2. External Video Slides

In the previous section, I mentioned that you can add captions to External Videos. This is another new feature in MetaSlider. With External Video Slides, you can build slideshows with videos hosted outside of your WordPress site.

These slides can display your MP4, WebM, and MOV videos with cover image, auto play, mute, lazy load, the ability to hide controls, and much more. Click here for more on External Video Slides.

External Video Slide

New Feature #3. Schedule Improvements

If you want to schedule slides in MetaSlider, this feature is now much improved in MetaSlider Pro. You can schedule slides to show or hide between certain days, on specific days of the week, or at times you choose. We’ve worked on making the interface much easier to use.

In MetaSlider Pro, you will see a “Schedule” tab that allows to choose when to show each individual slide. Click the “Schedule this slide” box, and you’ll see the available options. Click here to see more details on scheduling slides.

MetaSlider Schedule settings

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