Getting Started with Meta Slider

Installing Meta Slider

In WordPress, navigate to ‘Plugins > Add New’. Search for ‘Meta Slider’ and click install. When the installation has completed click ‘Activate Plugin’. You will have a new admin menu item titled “Meta Slider”.

Installing Meta Slider Pro

You will be emailed a unique download link after purchase. After downloading the file (, navigate to ‘Plugins > Add New > Upload’ and upload the file. After activation you will notice that your Meta Slider menu item now reads Meta Slider Pro.

Step 1: Create a new slideshow

Click on the Meta Slider menu option in your WordPress administration area. Click the "+" button to create a new slideshow.
Note; you can edit the text in the tab to rename the slideshow.
Step 2: Add some slides
Click the ‘Add Slide’ button in the top right of the main section.

This will launch the WordPress media manager where you can select slides to add to your slideshow

Note: The different slide types are listed on the left of the Media Manager.

Hold down CTRL while clicking images to add multiple images to a slideshow.

Step 3: Customise your slideshow
Use the settings panel on the right to adjust the slideshow behaviour. There's a choice of 4 slideshow types, you'll see different settings and effects become available depending on which slideshow type you've selected.

Set the slideshow size to the size you want each image in the slideshow to be. You can adjust this as and when you need to.

You can hover over each setting name to reveal a handy tooltip explaining what it does.

Step 4: Insert the slideshow into a Post or Page
Scroll down to the Usage section (bottom right) and copy the shortcode text. Paste the shortcode directly into any post or page within WordPress to include your slideshow.

You can come back to your slideshow at any time to add new slides, remove slides, reorder slides, change settings and so on!

If you'd like to include the slideshow directly in a template (to include it on your homepage for example), paste the 'PHP Include' text directly into your themes header.php file.

For more in depth documentation on the different slide types, see: