The ‘Self Help’ Quick Guide

Meta Slider has been tested with around 15 free popular themes and the most common plugins (WP SEO, Analytics 360 etc). If you do have a problem, 9 times out of 10 it will be down to one of two reasons:

1. There’s a problem with your chosen theme

Try switching to a different theme - twentytwelve or twentythirteen are a good choice. If Meta Slider works in other themes, but not yours, then ensure your theme has the following code in the footer (just before the closing </body> tag):


2. There’s a problem with your installed plugins

Try disabling other plugins one by one until Meta Slider begins working. Please drop us a note to let us know about the incompatible plugin and we will either put a workaround into Meta Slider or advise the plugin author of a fix.

The insiders guide to debugging problems

Here’s our secret guide on how we debug support items, quickly.

Check the slideshow markup is valid

View the page source and look for <p>  tags in the markup (specifically around the inline JavaScript). If there are <p>  tags in the weird/wrong places, then the page content has been run through a function called wpautop (WordPress Auto Paragraphs).

Common causes are plugins (e.g. Genesis Easy Columns) or the theme (e.g. Avada).

  • Try and wrap the  wrap the meta slider shortcode in “raw” tags ( [raw][metaslider id=1][/raw] ).
  • Try installing the Disable wpautop plugin.
  • If both of those options fail, then things get a bit trickier. We need to find the source of the ‘wpautop’ function call. It will either be a plugin or your theme that is doing this. Try switching themes and check to see if Meta Slider starts working. Apply the same process to plugins by enabling/disabling them one by one. After you’ve narrowed it down to a single plugin or theme, you could either search the source code for ‘wpautop’ and comment out the line, or get in touch with us and we’ll take a look.
Check for JavaScript Errors

Using Google Chrome, go to Tools > Developer > Developer Tools, and click the ‘Console’ tab. Refresh the page and look for any JavaScript errors (there shouldn’t be any!). If you do see errors then they need to be fixed, they may look complicated but they each provide some clues on what might be the problem. Disable any plugins that look or sound like they’re related to the errors.

  • Check you’re only including jQuery once on the page (by viewing the page source and searching for ‘jQuery’), remove any duplicates – you only want to include jQuery once.
  • Check you’re using a recent version of jQuery (1.10.2+), if not – use the jQuery Updater Plugin.
  • Check your theme has a call to wp_footer()  just below the closing </body>  tag in the footer.php file, if not – add it!
Problem: Admin Screen is blank


PHP running out of memory. Sometimes (depending on server setup) it will be accompanied by an error message, more often it will just be a blank screen.


When the WP_Image_Editor class is used it tries to use ini_set to set the memory_limit to 256mb. If safe mode is enabled this will fail. If the user adds some images to a slideshow which tips the memory limit over the edge, they’ll get a blank page. Note; A 2mb image on disk might take up 30mb in memory when uncompressed by GD.


  1. If the memory_limit is set to around 32mb or 64mb, and safe_mode is disabled, then you’ll need to contact your host and ask them to increase the limit (256mb recommended).
  2. Alternatively, if ImageMagick is installed, set GD as the default image processor. Add this code to your theme’s functions.php file:
  3. Alternatively (temporary solution), remove the latest slideshow by going directly to in your browser, or remove the latest images added to a slideshow by going to the Media Library and deleting the relevant attachments.
Problem: Post Feed Slides not working
  1. Check the posts you’re expecting to see in the slideshow have a featured image set.
  2. Check the post type ordering is correct (use DESC to display the latest posts first)
  3. Remove all tagging restrictions, if the post feed starts working, begin adding them back in.

Still no luck?

Check out the support forums for Meta Slider, you might find the answer you’re looking for. If not, post a new support thread and we’ll help you out (please check out the Sticky topic first).

Of course, If you’re a Meta Slider Pro customer, you can contact us directly for premium support – raise a new ticket and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.