How to export and import slideshows from one website to another

New to MetaSlider version 3.17 is the ability to export and import your slideshows. This will be useful for when moving your site, or even just transferring a few slideshows from one site to the next.

The process is very simple and configurable and I’ll walk you through it here. One thing to note though is that we don’t handle images directly, so you will have to make sure the images you want to use are already copied over to the other site. But don’t worry, I’ll recommend one method of doing that here.

This guide is in two parts:
1. Images have already been moved to the new website. (link)
2. Images have not yet been moved over. please help! (link)

For this guide, Website A will be website with existing slideshows, and Website B will be the website you want to copy slideshows to.

Images have been moved over

This is the painless way and will be super easy to migrate. If your images are already on Website B you should have no problems importing slideshows. Take a look at this screencast for a quick demonstration.

1. First, on Website A, go to Settings -> Export and press on the button to load in slideshows. If you only have a few slideshows they may automatically load in.

2. After this you may select/deselect slideshows according to what you would like to import and export.

3. Press Export.

4. Next, on the Website B, go to Settings -> Import.

5. From here you can load in the Export file you created from Website A.

6. On the left you will see a list of images that we couldn’t locate (if any). In the screencast above, we didn’t have any such images. If you do, then you should cancel the import (just move to another tab), upload the required images to your media library, then load the import file again to check all images are loaded. This process will be explained in detail below (link).

7. Still on Website B, press Import to import your slideshows.

Note that you might need to also visit each slideshow and press “save” so that images are properly cropped. This depends largely on the image sizes you have previously migrated from Website A to Website B.

As always, let us know about your experience. If you have an issue, let us know on the support forums, or if you enjoyed this feature consider leaving us a 5 star review.

Images have not yet been moved over

If you still need to move your images over to your new website, it will take a few extra steps. The reason this isn’t included with our import/export feature is because there are many things that could go wrong and it felt better to leave this task to other plugins that specialize in exporting and importing images.

Video and step by step coming soon!